BIZ Services

Since, July 1, 2010, the Main Street Area Business Improvement Zone (The BIZ) has worked to deliver a world-class downtown experience by maintaining the cleanest, safest, and most attractive environment possible. To this end, the BIZ focuses on five primary services.

Our vibrant downtown, and Michigan weather, can be challenging to clean-up efforts. The Main Street Area BIZ is flexible in scheduling its services in order to respond to the after effects of home football games or downtown events. This extends to landscaping efforts as well; when planters are damaged or vandalized, the BIZ will attempt to repair and/or replace within 72 hours. And, the frequency or intensity of snow events can make treatment and removal a challenge. Any concerns should be directed to the BIZ. As always, our goal is to continue to enhance downtown Ann Arbor as a place where people and businesses choose to be.