About Main Street BIZ


The Main Street Area Business Improvement Zone Initiative (MSABIZ) mission is to create a Business Improvement Zone that will improve Main Street’s cleanliness, safety, and beauty thereby maximizing its attraction for business investment, providing a unique consumer experience for downtown shoppers and residents, and keeping it a viable tourist destination.

The MSABIZ is a non profit organization operating on behalf of commercial property owners who agree to tax themselves in order to provide high quality public space improvements that complement, not replace, City of Ann Arbor services, to make the district cleaner, safer and more vibrant.


Improve the customer experience of the Main Street area – Ann Arbor’s premiere downtown district.

Provide the cleanest, most attractive ‘stage’ on which the district’s fine businesses can perform.

Create clean and safe sidewalks year round. Whether you are nine or ninety, the Main Street area is the cleanest, safest shopping center around!

Build on Main Street’s beauty by creating and maintaining the best year-round urban landscape for the district.